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Wedding At Waianae With Ashley & Jace

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This wedding blog post was supposed to have gone up a LONG time ago, but we didn't have a blog yet :(...  Thankfully, after moving our site and integrating things over, (as you all can already tell) we now have a blog yay!!!

This was actually our first wedding as Francis Philip Quibilan Photography.  Just my lovely better half and I (she's an awesome assistant/partner!).

Kainani & Jace are basically gym family to us (we trained Muay Thai under the same roof as 808 Top Team).  Kainani and her father, MMA legend, Ron *The Machine Gun* Jhun joked about us shooting their wedding.  We laughed about it until we found out their wedding was about a week from that day!

Regardless of it being close and time constrained, we had a blast covering it.  We learned so much from it, and are blessed to this day for having the Jhun/Kaopua family use us as their wedding photographers.  Enjoy!



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