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The ability to produce quality pictures is an art, but to be able to freeze time and capture the essence of that particular moment takes a very unique artist.  Francis' work instantly takes me back to the cage.  The sights, the sound, the feeling.  Pure awesomeness.

- Kaleo *Lights Out* Kwan, MMA Fighter

Francis takes incredibly breath taking photos!  I've been lucky enough to have him at some of my MMA fights capturing some of the most raw emotions the sports has to offer.  Without a doubt, if you find yourself in need of a photographer, look no further.  Francis is the man, and can handle everything from sporting events to weddings, and can capture moments that will last a lifetime.  With my time that I spent in Honolulu for my fight, I saw many great moments happen, and I am incredibly thankful that Francis was able to capture them on film.  Thank you Francis!

- JT *Grandma's Boy* Donaldson, MMA Fighter

Francis did an amazing job shooting my fight photos!!!  I highly recommend him!!!

- Travis Doerge, MMA Fighter

Always in the right place and time to capture the perfect moments for athletes.  The boy got skills!  His work is great and very professional!

- Darius Lando-Alfafara, MMA Fighter

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