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A Corporal Sunset

Hi Everyone!

We have worked with quite a few individuals who have served our country and fought for our freedom, but it has been a while. Meet Corporal Bryce Wagner!

I was contacted by Bryce’s mom Tammy, who came by recommendation through my other half’s coworker. She had told me that Bryce would be home on leave, and would like a few shots with him in his dress blues. As I said, I’ve photographed our military men and women before, but not a marine in his/her dress blues. Once I knew Tammy’s idea and suggestion, I was stoked! Thank you Bryce for your service, along with everyone else who serves our country and fights for our freedom!

Here’s a quick look into our session! Enjoy!


*PS, the salute silhoutte came by my other half’s idea :)


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